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VOTER GUIDE to the April 1, 2014 Primary

Be an Informed Voter. Know Your Candidates. Understand the Issues.

The D.C. League of Women Voters Education Fund VOTER GUIDE is now online.

The April 1st Primary is a closed partisan primary. Only voters registered with a political party may vote and they may vote only in the election held for their party.

The VOTER GUIDE is produced using software.

You may access race and candidate information two ways:

1)To view the races that will be on your "personalized" ballot - races specific to your party and your ward- enter your address. The address is needed in order to locate your ward. No information is saved. We respect privacy. To view candidate details, click on TWO candidates to compare.

2)To view all races or candidates on the ballot, click on Browse Information on races or candidates. The link is located under the blue "Use My Location" button.

If you would like to give feedback on our Voter Guide, please send the League an email

The Board of Elections provided candidate names and contact information. All candidates were invited via the email address that they provided to the Board of Elections. Candidate responses are unedited and do not reflect the views of the League of Women Voters of the District of Columbia.

Why ask for your address? The software is based on Geographical Information Service (GIS) code provided to the League by the DC Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO). The program calculates your ward, and ANC/SMD based on your address. Your privacy is respected. No information is stored or used for any purpose other than creating your ballot.