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APPROVED by Voters on 4/23/13; Federal Court Judge rules against DC Voters Monday, May 19, 2014

Text of Charter Amendment 8

SHORT TITLE Charter Amendment: Local Budget Autonomy


Currently, the Home Rule Act requires affirmative Congressional action with respect to the entire District budget (both federal and local funds).

This Charter Amendment, if ratified, enacted, and upheld, would permit the Council to adopt the annual local budget for the District of Columbia government; would permit the District to spend local funds in accordance with each Council approved budget act; and would permit the Council to establish the District's fiscal year. (Source: DC Board of Elections. Memorandum Opinion and Order , 1/9/13)

DC Board of Elections Memorandum Opinion and Order

Read the DC Board of Elections 5 page opinion on the "Local Budget Autonomy Emergency Amendment Act of 2012"


  • Legislative history
  • Summary of Attorney General Irvin Nathan's concerns
  • Council Chairman Mendelson's reason's for supporting the issue
  • Short Title and Text of the Summary Statement

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U.S. Government Accountability Office Opinion

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Federal Judge Rules against Amendment 8

Read the Attorney General's press release here